Industrial and commercial warm air space heating

Our range of warm air heaters, radiant and boiler based products enables selection of the right product for the right job optimising comfort levels, reliability and cost.

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  • LNVx Warm Air Suspended Gas Unit Heater

    The new ErP compliant suspended LNVx range of unit heaters from Powrmatic benefits from a redesign throughout its entire construction, performance and aesthetics including the new RAL 7015 colour scheme.

  • CPx Warm Air Cabinet Heater

    Powrmatic’s new ErP compliant CPx range of cabinet type heaters combine installation versality with a range of Kw outputs to match the most stringent applications. The range can be installed in the heated space, be sited in plant rooms and specified for either vertical or horizontal installation. The CPx EA range can also be specified for external applications.

  • VPx Power Vented Gas Cabinet Heater

    The new look ErP compliant power vented VPx cabinet heater range has been re-developed with a more compact, robust and proven design with high/low burners as standard. With the range now increased to six, with a new maximum output of 140kW, VPx heaters can be configured for either room sealed or flue only operation. Vertical and horizontal fluing options add benefit and savings for installers.

  • OUH Suspended Oil Unit Heater

    The OUH range of Oil Unit Heaters are indirect oil fired suspended warm air heaters with a stainless steel heat exchanger as standard and a downwards high/low firing pressure jet oil burner. The OUH range of oil fired unit heaters is comprised of 4 models with outputs ranging from 20kW to 60kW.

  • TE Air Rotation Heater

    The Powrmatic TE range of gas and oil-fired air rotation heaters are specifically designed for the efficient heating of large areas and are especially suitable for open plan warehousing and manufacturing facilities. Our air rotation units utilise high efficiency axial fans to move large volumes of air. These heaters achieve uniformity in the distribution of heated air that cannot be matched by conventional units that treat low volumes of air at high temperature.

  • LNVx EA External Gas Unit Heater

    The heater unit is of unitary construction and built on a galvanised steel sub-frame. A full width door provides access to the heater function controls, gas valve and burner assembly.

  • SRP Linear & U-Tube Radiant Heaters

    The range of Linear U-Tube Forced & Vacuum Burner Heaters Superior Radiant Products (SRP®) from Powrmatic feature optimal comfort and energy savings with two-stage technology. High/low capability allows for quicker recovery on the high fire and economical steady operation on the low fire with either U-Tube, Single and Double Linear configurations.

  • SRP Multi Burner Herringbone Radiant Systems

    Providing installers and specifiers even greater flexibility, Powrmatic has introduced a combined multi-burner herringbone system to complement the range of Linear and U-Tube radiant heaters with up to 200kW capacity eliminating the number of roof penetrations. Multiple individual heater exhausts will be combined in a single aluminium manifold system and flued through an outside wall or roof.

  • PSDE Radiant Plaque Heater

    The PSDE range of high intensity gas fired radiant plaque heaters from Powrmatic provided efficient and directed, cost-effective heat for cold spots in industrial and commercial applications from 9-48Kw models available.

  • PQ-A Electric Quartz Radiant Heaters

    The PQ-A range of high powered heaters have been designed and manufactured at the highest standard to provide radiant heat to commercial and industrial environments at high level. The range boasts all of the performance benefits associated with full quartz shortwave technology while providing an economic solution for industrial and commercial heating requirements.

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