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ErP 2021 Condensing Warm Air Heaters - The Cold Facts

Written By

Lee Herbert PhD BSc

28 October 2020

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It’s not surprising in these times of ‘fake news’ that customers and marketplaces can be at best confused or at worst mislead when choosing the optimum air heating equipment for their applications. Dr Lee Herbert, Senior Engineering Manager at Powrmatic Limited explains – 

It is correct and for the benefit of all that we minimise the impact of global warming and it is to be applauded that Governments and industry have worked together to minimise carbon emissions for fossil fuel fired heating equipment.

The scope of the most recent initiative in respect of industrial and commercial warm air heaters was covered by the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC) ErP Lot21 – 2018 soon to be superseded by ErP Lot 21 – 2021.

ErP 2021 warm air heating appliances installed to provide warmth and comfort for personnel will be required to meet stringent new criteria including a minimum seasonal efficiency of 78% as well as reduced NOx emission levels (gas 70mg/kWh – oil 150mg/kWh). The ErP 2021 standards become effective from 1st January 2021 however there is a six month derogation period during which these new products can be introduced and current ErP2018 gradually withdrawn.

Compliance to these new standards has been challenging but at Powrmatic we have achieved a solution which not only meets or exceeds the required criteria but does so using proven and reliable technology familiar to customers and installers alike. Powrmatic’s solution does not require heaters to be condensing. Not only does this simplify the technology but it allows installers to replace existing heaters without having to incur the impracticality and cost of providing condensate drainage.

The know-how deployed to meet the criteria has also been extended to Powrmatic’s range of gas fired heat exchange modules allowing many air handing unit customers the benefit of accessing cost effective but nonetheless compliant products.’

Powrmatic’s comprehensive range of ErP 2021 compliant products include the Lx gas suspended gas unit heaters (15 – 138kW), the Cx range of vertical and horizontal cabinet heaters (30 – 500 kW), the Vx room sealed/fan assisted flue cabinet heaters (34 – 137kW), TEx air rotation heaters as well as the HEMx range of heat exchange modules.

Lee Herbert PhD BSc. is Senior Engineering Manager at Powrmatic / Chair of ICOM Energy Warm Air and Radiant Committee / Convenor of Working Group 2 of European Committee for Standardisation TC180 – Gas Fired Air Heaters – Safety and Efficiency

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