A-Safe Warehouse Heating

Warehouse Heating Solution

2 External Powrmatic TEG41 Air rotation heaters were specified and installed at A-Safe’s 4645m² warehouse in Elland West Yorkshire by Warmco Space Heating providing an energy efficient warehouse heating solution.

  • Building Size4645m²
  • Product InstalledTEG41 Air Rotation Heater
  • Installed ByWarmco
  • “The Powrmatic TE Heater can heat such a large area, and with the ability to externally site these heaters, this was the best solution we gave our customers which enabled an efficient heating solution as well as saving space internally.”

    Richard Howard - Warmco

Project Background

Based in West Yorkshire, A-SAFE are flexible safety barrier specialists, manufacturing health and safety solutions for production facilities, warehouses, factories, airports & car parks. building which was installed by BT Mechanical. An Air rotation warehouse heating solution was specified and installed by Warmco Space Heating who Provide individually designed warm air heating systems for any industrial or commercial application across the UK.

Project Solution

2 x 400kw Powrmatic Air Rotation heaters were specified by Warmco to efficiently heat the large volumes of air in this building and to prevent damage to goods being stored. One major advantage of the TE heaters is that they can be located outside the building and heat the internal space very efficiently, whilst freeing up internal floor space.

The principle of air rotation it to move large volumes of air heated to a lower temperature at low velocity. Cooler low-level air is constantly drawn through the heater and discharged at a higher level, de-stratifying the building and in turn, lowering the temperature gradient within the heated area. At full power the 400kw of this model can take the space to the desired temperature quickly, then the unit can fully modulate its heat output down to 240kw to maintain the desired temperature, (as measured by the air sensor / MC200 thermostatic control panel).

Project Result

The customer was expanding into these premises and was asked by Warmco to install heating into the warehouse and workshop areas. All of these heaters comply with ErP as determined by EU2015/1188. The whole project in Elland, took four weeks complete and Warmco engineers worked round the customer’s production schedules and storage logistics, to create as little disruption as possible.

m² warehouse
TEG41 installed
Kw output

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