Hugh Drennan & Son Workshop Heating

Workshop Heating Solution

Powrmatic was selected to supply a heating system for a Kitchen painting & manufacturing workshop in Donaghadee in partnership with BSH. The bespoke manufacturing facility required a heating system which kept high-quality wood at optimum temperatures. BHS installed a single suspended OUH Oil Fired Heater.

  • “We knew the Powrmatic OUH would be the best solution for this building. It's so important for our customers to ensure their stock and people are kept at the right temperature all year round. We have years of experience installing this type of equipment in buildings similar to the Hugh Drennan & Son workshop so we knew this would work for our client”

    Brian Hood - BSH

Project Background

Established by Hugh Drennan in 1971 and later joined by sons Martin and Glenn, Hugh Drennan & Sons has gone from strength to strength, designing and fitting luxury kitchens and hand-crafted furniture throughout the UK and Ireland. BSH was approached to ensure the high-quality wood they use either before or after manufacture did not cool as it would affect the wood and joints in production. The OUH also assisted with heating the painting facility area which assisted drying in colder temperatures.



Project Solution

BSH specified and installed the suspended OUH Oil Fired Heater which allows the heater to be kept off the floor areas where most works are provided. The OUH range also doubles as a destratification fan returning heated warm air high in the building to the ground, these can reduce energy use by around 20%. The OUH was used in combination with the MC200 optimising wall controller which can learn air temperatures over the year and adjust bringing heating on earlier or later depending on room temperature at the time of day.

Project Result

The Powrmatic OUH Oil Fired Heater range is comprised of 4 models with outputs ranging from 20kW to 60kW. The OUH heater was the perfect solution which now allows the staff to be warm, along with protecting vital materials used within their bespoke hand made furniture and kitchens.

OUH 40kW

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