Aviation Hangar Heating - Boscombe Down

Aviation Hangar Heating Solution

A successful installation of 40 x Powrmatic SRP U Tubes at a hangar facility in Boscombe. With the system design by Powrmatic, ABS, a leading HVAC and installation company, was entrusted with this significant installation project. The installation aimed to provide efficient heating performance, reduce energy costs, and improve the overall comfort and functionality of the hangar.

  • “Installing the new SRP herringbone system from Powrmatic was a great experience for us at ABS. The installation process was surprisingly easy and straightforward, thanks to the well-designed system. It was impressive to see how quickly and effectively the heaters were able to provide heating coverage throughout the aviation hangar facility. The end client is extremely satisfied with the performance of the heaters, as they have greatly improved the comfort and functionality of the space. We are proud to have been part of this project and to have delivered a heating solution that exceeds expectations.”

    Martyn Arnold - ABS

Project Background

The Weighbridge Hangar Building 499 at MOD Boscombe Down operated by QinetiQ required a new heating system due to the life-expired existing system. The hangar required a powerful heating system that would operate efficiently during the cold winter months while reducing energy costs. A new Powrmatic SRP U-tube herringbone radiant heating system was produced in line with the design intent of WYG on their tender documents. J & B Hopkins secured the M & E contract and employed the services of ABS Ltd to undertake the installation of the radiant heating system. ABS Ltd, formed in 1978, offers a full range of professional services including the installation and maintenance of both radiant and warm air heating systems to both commercial and industrial properties throughout the UK.

Project Solution

The MOD hangar facility, situated on an exposed location, at Boscombe Down required a robust heating solution to withstand the cold winter months. 40 Powrmatic SRP radiant U Tube PVU50 Hi/Low heaters each rated at 50kW on a herringbone system layout with ducted fresh air onto each burner to comply with fire safety standards were installed by ABS Ltd. To maximize efficiency, the heaters mounted at an impressive height of 23 meters in line with Powrmatic’s design drawings were arranged in 8 lines of 5, with 3 heaters connected to one fan and 2 heaters connected to another fan. The heating system incorporated Powrmatic MC200 controllers and black bulb sensors for precise temperature control across the hangar.

Project Result

The final stage of the installation was completed by J & B Hopkins, arranging for the necessary gas and electrical distribution services to the radiant heaters and discharge fans. The 40 Powrmatic SRP radiant U Tubes installed by ABS Ltd effectively heated the facility, providing a comfortable and conducive environment for the workforce during the winter season. Additionally, the new heating system reduced energy costs and eliminated the need for multiple exhausts on the rooftop hence retaining the aesthetic design principles of the hangar. The commissioning was successfully carried out when all services were completed, providing a satisfied client with a capable heating installation within the hangar, for the exposed site location.

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