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Vehicle Service Centre Heating Solution

BMW's Chiswick service center faced disruptions from faulty heating units. Compass Engineering, with Powrmatic, replaced them with efficient heaters and destratification fans. The upgrade, executed with Powrmatic's Andy Wright, improved comfort, productivity, and energy efficiency, showcasing Compass Engineering's commitment to innovative solutions and their strong partnership with Powrmatic.

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  • “We are extremely pleased with the Powrmatic products. The efficient heaters and destratification fans transformed BMW's Chiswick service center, significantly improving comfort and productivity. Our client is delighted with the results, and this project highlights the strength of our partnership with Powrmatic.”

    Nathan Dowden, Director - Compass Engineering

Project Background

The BMW service center in Chiswick is a bustling hub where skilled mechanics ensure the maintenance and repair of high-performance vehicles. The facility’s comfort and functionality are essential to maintaining high standards of service. However, outdated and faulty gas-fired warm air units had become a significant hindrance, creating an uncomfortable working environment. Recognising the urgency, BMW engaged Compass Engineering to restore comfort and efficiency.


Project Solution

Compass Engineering collaborated with Powrmatic, a trusted partner known for its advanced heating solutions, to replace defective warm air units with state-of-the-art systems that would improve heating performance and enhance energy efficiency. The project commenced with a comprehensive assessment of BMW’s heating needs, including a detailed site evaluation and consultations with Powrmatic experts to select the most suitable heating units. Compass Engineering and Powrmatic developed a plan to decommission the old units and install new, efficient Powrmatic heaters equipped with destratification fans to ensure even distribution of warm air throughout the workspace. Close collaboration with Andy Wright, Powrmatic’s representative, was crucial for the seamless execution of the installation process. The project prioritized optimal heating distribution and energy efficiency to reduce operational costs while maintaining high performance.



Project Result

The new heating solution transformed BMW’s service center. Upgraded Powrmatic units enhanced heating performance, ensuring a comfortable environment for mechanics. This led to increased productivity, higher staff satisfaction, and improved operational efficiency with reliable, energy-efficient systems. Positive feedback from BMW highlighted the project’s success and Compass Engineering’s commitment to innovative, client-centric solutions, demonstrating the value of their partnership with Powrmatic.

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