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Zoo Animal Enclosure Heating Solution

In partnership with Heatserv Solutions Ltd, Powrmatic supplied two externally sited and ducted CPx 45kW floor standing warm air heaters and LTHW WX heaters to condition the air for the Bornean orangutan's enclosure at Dudley Zoo, home to 4 critically endangered orangutans.

  • “This wasn't our usual installation, but after our site survey with the head keeper, we knew that the external sited and ducted Powrmatic CPx would be the perfect solution. The keepers are extremely happy with the new heating system and are confident in using the onboard MC200 when required to control the climate for the now happy orangutans when indoors and sleeping. We are now in discussions to provide heating for the other animal enclosures at the zoo which is great.”

    Mark Knibbs - Heatserv Solutions Ltd

Project Background

The recently developed Orangutans enclosure at Dudley Zoo is home to 4 critically endangered Bornean orangutans, Benji, Jazz, Djimat and Sprout, who in the wild,  are at most risk of the destruction of the rainforest to make room for oil plantations. The indoor enclosure and sleeping area required an upgrade to its heating system to keep the group of Orangutans warm during the colder months when inside. Powrmatic equipment installers at Heatserv Solutions Ltd conducted a site survey with the head keeper. The project was tricky, with limited space, and no heating parts to be accessible by the orangutans inside the building.



Project Solution

After the initial site survey and heating system design, the sound levels were an important aspect to consider. Heatserv Solutions Ltd, a trusted Powrmatic installer decided on installing two external CPx45 Gas cabinet heaters with ducted air supply and return air at a low level each controlled by the onboard MC200 controller which was connected to a duct sensor in the return air duct.The biggest issue was the position of the grills and the construction as the orangutans would destroy anything made from inadequate materials, so small mesh-type steel was supplied by the Zoo that was already used within the enclosure. Heatserv Solutions Ltd had the grills constructed using angle iron and then powder coated dark green. A secondary mesh grille was fitted to the heater fan unit so any materials pushed into the first grill by the orangutans would be stopped by the second, an inspection door was introduced into the return air duct for removing debris.

Alongside the indoor enclosure, the sleeping area was an upgrade, removing the existing fan-assisted air blowers and replacing them with 10kw LTHW WX heaters located at a high level above the sleeping area pushing warm air down into the cage. Each unit was controlled by a pipe thermostat so a constant flow of warm air can be supplied, and a boiler interlink was introduced at roof height to control high rising temperatures.

Project Result

The orangutans now have a climate-controlled indoor play and sleeping area. The whole project and installation were challenging, and not so straightforward. The orangutans not only had to be kept warm, and with no access to any parts as they have a tendency to destroy and play with anything unusual, during installation the orangutangs were moved from their outside play area to allow entry and remove sections of the wall to locate the new duct and grills, leaving the small window as the welfare of the animals had to be factored in. The project was such a success for the Zoo, Powrmatic and Heatserv Solutions Ltd are now in discussions to provide heating for other enclosures throughout the park.

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