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Powrmatic Invest in the Continuous Radiant Sector

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31 August 2022

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The recent withdrawal of a competitor from the UK and European continuous radiant product sector provides Powrmatic with a unique opportunity to fill the void.

Powrmatic, in association with Canadian manufacturer Superior Radiant Products (SRP), allows Powrmatic to expand activity within the continuous system marketplace, taking over where others have left a vacuum with discontinued similar offerings.

The Powrmatic/SRP – PCV & PCV+ products are the most efficient ‘continuous’ gas-fired radiant tube systems available today. The state-of-the-art ‘ten’ surface reflector design combined with the position-tuned modulating burners incorporating a patented metering device provide a highly efficient gas-fired continuous radiant tube product proven and ready to capitalise on opportunities and specifications.

Many design factors influence the radiant performance of gas-fired unitary and continuous radiant tube systems. One of the most critical considerations is the reflector design. The reflector as a component is designed to provide maximum performance reflecting virtually 100% of the infrared energy out and away from the emitter tubes.

The function of the reflector as a component of a radiant product is two-fold:

1: To redirect as much radiant energy as possible into the space after it leaves the heat emitter tube – to do this in the most efficient manner possible, the energy should not “rattle around” under the reflector, repeatedly bouncing between the tube and reflector, but rather should bounce off the reflector and then leave the appliance.

2: To trap air near the heat emitter, to prevent a flow of air from “cooling” the tube temperatures, and hence decreasing the radiant output from the tube. For example, if a 540°C tube is cooled just 10% to 486°C, the reduction in radiant output is approximately 25%! So, a higher tube temperature results in a larger percentage of radiant energy (versus convected energy). 

The SRP/Powrmatic reflector directs virtually 100% of all energy from the tube into the space and is the most efficient reflector in the industry. The unique design of 10 reflective surfaces of a highly emissive material at critically controlled angles plus the reflector extending completely below the bottom of the tube results in the most efficient reflector. 

The PCV & PCV+ products are superior in all respects and result in Seasonal Space Heating Energy Efficiencies (SSHEE) of; 90.1% and 92.1%, respectively, surpassing all other continuous products in the marketplace. For ErP compliance, the minimum SSHEE has to be greater than 74%. These impressive SSHEE efficiencies have been verified by the Carbon Trust, resulting in both products PCV & PCV+ being registered on the Energy Technology List (ETL). The result of these notable efficiencies is significant savings for the end user, with improved environmental credentials in reducing climate change emissions and consequently reducing their carbon footprint. See the infographic below:

Powrmatic offers a full design service for their radiant products, from; site surveys and meetings with consultants, and contractors, to detailed CAD scheme layout designs.

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