Turner Virr Manufacturing Facility Heating

Uniform Manufacturing Heating Solution

5 LNVx free-blowing heaters were installed at Turner Virr to provide a manufacturing heating solution in Fareham, Portsmouth by BT Mechanical. Each 40kW LNVx free-blowing heaters replaced previous Powrmatic NV heaters.

  • Building Size81,900m²
  • Product InstalledLNVx
  • Installed ByBT Mechanical
  • “Our clients required a more efficient manufacturing heating solution by replacing old Powrmatic NV heaters with the new energy efficient LNVx range. Our clients have been happy with the performance of the previous heaters and now the LNVx heaters are on for less time with much better heating throughout”

    Paul Thompson - BT Mechanical

Project Background

Based in Yorkshire, Turner Virr is recognised as a leading manufacturer and supplier of uniforms, career wear clothing and equipment.  The requirement was for a more energy-efficient uniform manufacturing heating solution for the 81,000m² building which was installed by BT Mechanical.  BT Mechanical specialises in the installation and maintenance of Powrmatic commercial and industrial heating products offering a range of servicing and installation options covering the whole of the UK.

Project Solution

Replacing older Powrmatic NV ducted units, 5 brand new RAL 7015 LNVx 40kW heaters were installed. Due to the lengths of the NV ducts, the building had lots of cold areas. The newly suspended heaters  are the perfect solution for any manufacturing heating requirements.

Project Result

The new LNVx 40 free-blowing heaters were controlled individually by the Powrmatic MC200 to give the occupants more flexibility and control of each heater in their locations and reduces the energy consumption. The LNVx free-blowing units now give an increased heating output throughout the building maintaining optimum temperatures for the workers.

m² warehouse
LNVx installed
Kw output

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