Automotive Warehouse Heating - Ellesmere Port

Automotive Warehouse Heating

A collaborative project with our long-lasting customers Jet Environmental Systems resulted in the successful installation of three HEM-SLx 525kW heat exchange modules, aimed at providing warehouse heating for a prominent automotive component warehouse in Ellesmere Port. The project involved a bespoke-designed air handling unit (AHU) expertly manufactured by Linton Services Ltd and delivered as a comprehensive turnkey heating solution.

  • “Collaborative efforts between Powrmatic, Jet Environmental Systems, and Linton Services highlight the strength and expertise of UK businesses in creating effective heating solutions for industrial applications. This successful project showcases our ability to work together seamlessly to satisfy the end customer, while also promoting local manufacturing and promoting sustainability.”

    Matthew Emmerson - OEM Product Manager - Powrmatic

Project Background

The warehouse had a substantial floor area of 39,000m2 and a volume of 760,000m3. The main requirement was to maintain an internal temperature of 16C degrees, even during outdoor temperatures as low as -4C degrees. To ensure efficient heating and uniform distribution throughout the space, a HEM-SL heating solution with a capacity of 525kW and an airflow of 37.5m3/s was needed. The client preferred natural gas as the heating fuel, which Jet Environmental incorporated into their custom-designed air handling unit (AHU) manufactured by Linton Services Ltd in Presteigne.

Project Solution

The warehouse layout and heating load necessitated the use of three air-handling units. To ensure a reliable and robust heating system, Jet Environmental selected Powrmatic as the heating supplier. Jet Environmental, Linton Services, and Powrmatic have a longstanding relationship and extensive knowledge of each other’s businesses. This familiarity ensures seamless integration of their products and expertise.

Each custom-designed HEM unit was manufactured in the UK at Powrmatic’s manufacturing in Ilminster, Somerset. By choosing British-built products, customers can have confidence in the reliability, durability, and adherence to strict industry standards. Each HEMx unit is custom made with a wide range of kW and size configurations and has been adapted to suit the needs of the OEM and AHU industry by the provision of its slot-in casing arrangement.

Project Result

The collaborative efforts of Jet Environmental Systems, Linton Services, and Powrmatic resulted in the successful implementation of an efficient heating solution for the automotive component warehouse. The customized AHUs, designed by Jet Environmental and manufactured by Linton Services, effectively delivered the required heating capacity to maintain a consistent internal temperature of 16C degrees. Powrmatic’s reliable heating equipment ensured optimal performance and met the client’s expectations.

The client was impressed with the comprehensive turnkey solution provided by Jet Environmental Systems. They were particularly satisfied with the partnership between Jet Environmental, Linton Services, and Powrmatic, which demonstrated a deep understanding of their businesses and the ability to deliver a reliable and efficient heating system.

Overall, the successful completion of this project showcases the expertise that Powrmatic have in providing effective warehouse heating solutions for industrial applications.

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