Fiber Glass Workshop Heating - Sunseeker, Poole

External Weatherproofed Heating Solution

We partnered with Coastal Industrial Heating to install a custom-built Powrmatic CPx 400kW heater at the world's leading brand for luxury performance motor yachts at Sunseeker International Ltd in Poole. This weatherproofed heater was specifically designed for the workshop, which measures 6,500 square feet (20,000 cubic meters).

  • “We have a longstanding partnership with Coastal, and they continue to impress us with their expert installation work and commitment to customer satisfaction. Working with Ray and the team at Coastal on this bespoke heater installation was another successful installation for their client. Coastal's team of experts demonstrated their deep knowledge of heating solutions and their attention to detail was remarkable. This external 440kW heater is one of our largest heaters in our portfolio and was great to see it working so well for the client since replacing our older heater.”

    Chris Warry - Powrmatic South West Area Sales Manager

Project Background

The workshop was housed in a large building measuring 6,500 square feet (20,000 cubic meters) and was previously heated by a 15-year-old Powrmatic heater. Sunseeker International sought the expertise of Coastal Industrial Services, a trusted heating solutions provider, to replace the existing heater and enhance its overall efficiency and performance.

Sunseeker is the world’s leading brand for luxury performance motor yachts. Originally named Poole Power Boats, the company was founded by brothers Robert and John Braithwaite in 1969. The company changed its name to Sunseeker International in 1985 and has since become a global icon, with every Sunseeker the result of an uncompromising and unmatched approach to design, craftsmanship, and performance.




Project Solution

Coastal Industrial Services proposed the installation of a bespoke external weatherproofed CPx 400kW heater, perfectly suited for the workshop’s requirements. The heater was designed to run on full fresh air, ensuring that contaminated air from the workshop was not recirculated, hence preserving the longevity of the heater by minimizing exposure to corrosive elements.

The large CPx 400kW heater was delivered in two modules, which were assembled and installed by Coastal Industrial Services. They also made necessary gas pipework and duct modifications within a seamless one-week timeframe. The heater was equipped with a fully modulating Riello burner, allowing it to efficiently modulate the heat output as per the workshop’s heating demands.

Project Result

The installation of the CPx 400kW heater provided outstanding results for Sunseeker. The heater effectively delivered over 20,000 cubic metres of heated air, ensuring the workshop remained at a consistent temperature above 20 degrees Celsius. This not only created a comfortable working environment for occupants but also played a vital role in ensuring the optimal conditions required for laminating and fibreglassing processes.

Moreover, the CPx heater was fitted with an integral bespoke control panel and mc400 controller, allowing seamless synchronization and coordination with the existing extract fans. This integration streamlined the heating and ventilation processes, maximizing overall energy efficiency and managing cost-effectiveness.

The successful collaboration between Sunseeker, Coastal Industrial Services, and the installation of the CPx 400kW heater resulted in significant improvements in heating performance, energy efficiency, and the overall operation of the laminating and fibreglassing workshop. Sunseeker could continue to prioritize design and engineering excellence while relying on a highly efficient and reliable heating solution.

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CPx 400kW External Heater
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