CX Warm Air Cabinet Heater

Powrmatic’s ErP 2021-compliant CX range of cabinet-type heaters combines installation versatility with a range of kW outputs to match the most stringent applications. The new CX features the new modulating ultra-low NOx INVERTERJET® from BurnerTech making it the perfect choice for businesses and industries looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The range can be installed in the heated space, be sited in plant rooms and specified for either vertical or horizontal installation. The CX EA range can also be specified for external applications.

  • Fuel TypeGas
  • Kw Output30 - 300
  • Heat Exchanger Warranty10yrs*

*The heat exchanger assembly has a ten year time related warranty

  • Benefits


    • Low NOx, fully enclosed modulating “Inverterjet” burner
    • Reduced running costs
    • British built
    • ErP compliant
    • Durable and compact design
    • Stealth RAL 7015 as standard
    • Range of sizes and kW
  • Features

    Ultra Low NOx Burner

    Powrmatic has partnered with the renowned burner manufacturer Burnertech to incorporate a pre-installed and verified low NOx, completely enclosed modulating "Inverterjet" burner as a standard feature. These heaters are designed to operate exclusively on Natural Gas. The Inverterjet® Burner from Burnertech is designed to meet the most stringent emission standards, making it the perfect choice for businesses and industries looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Features

    Adjustable heat distribution to suit your environment

    Horizontal and upright free-blowing cabinet heaters are supplied with fully adjustable air distribution nozzle heads with variable louvres giving the ability to direct the heated air where it's needed. With its advanced technology, the Inverterjet® Burner provides consistent and reliable performance, ensuring your heating system operates efficiently and effectively. With adjustable heat distribution, the heat output can be tailored to suit different environments, ensuring that every part of the space is heated evenly and efficiently. This means that businesses can save money on energy costs by avoiding heating areas that don't require it. For example, in a warehouse or factory, the heat can be directed towards the areas where workers are located, rather than heating the entire space.

  • Features

    Customisable options to suit your needs

    The CX heater is the ultimate solution for businesses and industries looking for a heating system that is both efficient and customizable to their specific needs. With its modular design, the CX heater can be easily adapted to suit different output requirements and space constraints. This means that businesses can choose the size and power output of their CX heater based on their specific heating needs, ensuring they get the right amount of heat for their space. Additionally, the CX heater can be customized to fit into tight spaces, making it perfect for businesses where space is at a premium. With the CX heater, businesses can enjoy a heating system that is tailored to their unique requirements, delivering optimal performance and efficiency.

  • Features

    Durable, robust and built to last

    Formed from a rolled and welded AISI430 stainless steel combustion chamber close coupled to a two-pass tubular heat exchanger. The heat exchanger benefits from unique split rear header box to allow differential expansion of the two tube banks whilst the aluminised heat exchanger tubes are hydraulically swaged into position to further reduce stress. Stainless steel heat exchanger options are available.

  • Features

    External weatherproof models

    CX is available as an external (EA) version. Where the recirculated supply air is contaminated or there is a fresh air requirement as is often the case in garages and heavy industries these types can be installed outside and ducted into the area to be served. The all-weather CX heater is the perfect solution for businesses and industries that operate in harsh environments. Unlike traditional heaters, the CX heater is built to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use.


All of Powrmatic’s documents are available as PDFs. Simply click on the links below to download them.

Installation Manuals and Technical Bulletins are available for Gas Safe registered engineers via our Trade Club here


Product Accessories

    • MC200 Heater Digital Controller

      MC200 Single Heater Digital Controller

      The MC200 is a digital, high specification controller for individual heaters which provides the flexibility of variable time and temperature control with optimum start/stop with weather compensation, adjustable frost protection, remote burner reset and summer fan-only operation as standard.

      Installation Manuals and Technical Bulletins are available for Gas Safe registered engineers via our Trade Club here

    • System 1 Flue System

      System 1 Single Wall Flue System

      System 1 is an economy single-wall pre-fabricated chimney system, which has been designed to service gas & oil fired industrial and commercial warm air heating equipment installed predominantly in industrial units. It’s designed to operate under negative draught and dry conditions.

      Installation Manuals and Technical Bulletins are available for Gas Safe registered engineers via our Trade Club here


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