Cash & Carry Heating - Hanncocks Confectionery

Cash & Carry Workshop Heating Solution

In the endeavor to enhance the operational environment at Hancocks Confectionery Cash & Carry, Industrial Heaters Southern, a well-established design and installation team, partnered with Powrmatic to devise a tailored heating solution for the company's vast 21,528 sq ft facility.

  • “We are extremely pleased with how seamlessly the installation process went, and the level of service provided by Powrmatic was outstanding. We have a great relationship with Powrmatic and our Area Representative Chris Warry and the collaboration resulted in a system that not only met but exceeded the expectations of our client, Hancocks Confectionery Cash & Carry. Their satisfaction serves as a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of the solution we provided. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Powrmatic for future projects.”

    Mark Husband - Industrial Heaters (Southern)

Project Background

Hancocks, a leading confectionery wholesaler in the UK, has been serving independent businesses with sweet treats since 1962, through its 14 cash and carry locations and online wholesale shop. Industrial Heaters (Southern) were contacted to supply a warm air heating solution for their current building. They required an energy-efficient heater solution to provide staff with comfortable internal temperatures during the colder months.

Project Solution

The collaborative solution comprised the installation of 4 Powrmatic LX60F and 1 Powrmatic LX30F suspended Gas Heaters, in addition to strategically placing 14 HCF1400 DeStratification fans across the building envelope. These were centrally controlled by Powrmatic MC200 Controllers, ensuring precise management of the entire heating system. The project posed challenges, including coordinating with other trades and maintaining public access to the building, requiring careful attention to Health & Safety concerns. Despite these obstacles, the installation was efficiently completed within a 2-week timeline, illustrating Industrial Heaters Southern’s proficiency.


Project Result

Ultimately, the client expressed utmost satisfaction with the implemented solution, highlighting its significant improvement in the work environment. This successful collaboration underscores Industrial Heaters Southern’s dedication to providing tailored climate control solutions that meet the specific requirements of their clients, ultimately ensuring a productive and contented work environment.

SQ FT Building
LX Heaters Installed
HCF Fans Installed

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