Manufacturing Facility Heating - Dudley, Midlands

Manufacturing Facility Heating Solution

Powrmatic supplied four CPx120kW floor-standing heaters for a renovated industrial unit in partnership with KGP Heater Services Ltd which is based in Dudley, and replaced an older biomass boiler system.

  • “With our experience installing Powrmatic equipment and knowing their product quality, the CPx cabinet heater was the obvious choice for this heating system. These heaters suit many applications, are easy to install and perform great for our clients. ”

    Kristian Petford - Heating Engineer & MD of KGP Heater Services Limited

Project Background

The industrial building was previously used to manufacture bespoke office furniture in Dudley, and KGP was contacted to replace a once-installed Biomass boiler system. KGP Heater Services Ltd provides a complete design and installation service to various commercial and industrial businesses and has vast experience with Powrmatic products.

Project Solution

445kW was the required calculation for the heated space. KGP specified four Powrmatic CPx floor-standing cabinet heaters with a vertical single wall flue system. The onboard MC200 controls individually controlled each cabinet heater. The building also required a new gas main that served the entire heating system.

Project Result

The refurbished manufacturing facility will now benefit from an energy-efficient heating system with Powrmatic CPx heaters. The high-low NOx burners as standard, reduce NOx and increase seasonal efficiencies. The CPx utilises state-of-the-art burners, air movement and control technology whilst maintaining the temperature rises required in cabinet heater installations.

kW Heating Output
CPx Heaters
Powrmatic Solution

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