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Cash & Carry Workshop Heating Solution

Industrial Heaters Southern successfully installed a Powrmatic manufacturing workshop heating solution for Coolers & Condensers in Hampshire, ensuring optimal temperature control for a large manufacturing facility and workshop area. The project involved the installation of multiple warm air heaters and air conditioning systems, overcoming significant challenges during a major renovation.

  • “Our collaboration with Industrial Heaters Southern exemplifies the seamless integration of Powrmatic's products into complex industrial environments. Their expertise ensured the flawless installation of our heating solutions at Coolers & Condensers, where precision and reliability were paramount. Industrial Heaters Southern's proficiency in implementing Powrmatic products underscores our shared commitment to delivering unparalleled comfort and efficiency solutions together”

    Chris Warry - Powrmatic Area Sales Manager (South West)

Project Background

Coolers & Condensers, a renowned company with over 36 years of experience in industrial cooling solutions, needed an effective climate control solution for their new manufacturing facility and workshop. The facility, spanning 78,275 square feet, required a robust heating system to maintain a comfortable working environment for their employees and an efficient cooling system for their new office space. 

Project Solution

To heat the expansive workshop and manufacturing area, Industrial Heaters Southern installed five Powrmatic LX90F and one LX40F suspended warm air heaters. These units were chosen for their efficiency, reliability, and suitability for large industrial spaces. The installation team had to modify 40 meters of a 3-inch gas main at a high level to ensure a safe and efficient gas supply for the new heating units. During the planning and installation phase, they coordinated with major building renovations, including a workshop capable of accommodating articulated lorries and a 20-meter gantry crane. Careful planning ensured the heating installation did not interfere with these modifications.For the new office spaces, they installed 19 multi-split air conditioning units, including both cassette and wall-mounted types, to ensure a comfortable environment.

Project Result

The entire installation was completed within two weeks, showcasing the efficiency and expertise of the Industrial Heaters Southern team. The end client, Coolers & Condensers, expressed their satisfaction with the high standard of work. The employees now enjoy a consistently comfortable temperature in both the manufacturing facility and the office areas. The successful implementation of the heating and cooling systems has significantly improved the working conditions, contributing to enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction. The project not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, demonstrating Industrial Heaters Southern’s commitment to delivering top-quality climate control solutions in complex industrial settings.

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