Single & Twin Wall Flue & Chimney Systems From SFL.

Through sister company SFL, Powrmatic offers both single wall and twin wall flue/chimney systems for both gas and oil-fired, condensing and non-condensing appliances to suit all applications and budgets. The product range includes System 1, Supra Flue and Nova Flue systems. Powrmatic Ireland can supply flue systems for all Industrial and Commercial applications. Working closely with our suppliers, we can meet your every flue requirement.


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Flue & Chimneys

  • novagroup

    NOVA® Twin Wall Chimney System

    The NOVA® family of products has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for multi-functional applications serving a variety of fuels.

  • Sigma Single Wall Connecting Flue

    Sigma has been specifically designed as a connecting flue pipe to facilitate the connection between a multi-fuel appliance and either an existing brick chimney or a prefabricated twin wall system chimney.

  • S-Flue Twin Wall Flue Chimney System

    S-Flue has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for multi-fuel appliances that operate under negative or neutral draught conditions. Under no circumstances should Sflue be used on appliances that generate high levels of condensation or positive pressure within the chimney system

  • SUPRA_Group2

    Supra Plus Single Wall Chimney System

    The SUPRA Plus chimney system range is specifically designed to meet the demands of the latest high efficiency condensing heating appliances.