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Home Office Air Conditioning - The Ultimate Guide

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30 July 2021

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With the impact of the covid virus and the retraction to home, there has been a big increase in the requirement for cooling, the converted bedrooms, anti rooms, and conservatories, even garden buildings that have been the place of work for much previous office-based staff.

For most home office air conditioning, the domestic dwellings have very poor ventilation, if any, which exacerbates the build-up of heat within the rooms, increasing the often unbearable temperatures, and humidity and making it impossible to be able to carry out any long sedentary desk-based tasks such as working with a computer. Traditional solutions of a desk fan, or evaporative cooler, simply don’t work. The traditional solution of split air conditioning is not suited to the home, as it employs external units, often not permitted due to planning laws, or neighbourhood problems, as well as being very unsightly and space prohibited.  

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The benefits of home office air conditioning

The benefits of being able to work in a temperature and humidity controlled environment are well documented, in the office environment, being taken into account during the construction of the commercial building, and it increases the ability to perform tasks for longer, and in a focused manner, that is needed, with the new home-based virtual world that has evolved in the last year, and created many hours in a keyboard environment.

What options do I have for my home office air conditioning system?

There are two options. Option 1 is a traditional split system. Split systems comprise an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, connected by refrigerant pipework to enable a refrigerant to flow between the two.If space and appearance is not an issue, then the split air conditioner might be your solution but they do have to have a large outdoor condenser which may look unsightly on your brand new garden building.

The other option is a wall-mounted packaged heat pump with have no outdoor condenser. This type of new generation ‘through the wall’ air conditioner has a built-in evaporator and condenser so there is no need for an outdoor unit like traditional air conditioning systems. Indeed, they have a minimum visual impact on the building facade, with just two small external grilles that are only open when the unit is operating.

How easy is it to install my home office air conditioning system?

Split systems may take longer to install and come with the required F-Gas pipework to your air conditioning unit adding extra time. The Powrmatic Vision installation can be carried out by a competent builder, requiring two ducts holes to be drill out, a condensate hole, and internal drilling and fixing of a bracket. This type of domestic appliance is supplied with a 13 amp plug top, and once connected, is ready to go. The unit controls are an onboard touch control panel, a remote controller, and a now in line with most smart products, a wifi option, compatible with both IOS and Android software. This enables control from any location, and the ability to precool or preheat the room, in advance of occupation, so space is always conditioned and ready to use.

What will my home office air conditioning system look like from the outside?

Conventional air conditioning systems will require an unsightly external condenser with visual cabling and pipework. The in-built condenser allows for a minimal exterior disruptive appearance with further reduced re-decoration costs both internally and externally. See the example below:


Powrmatic’s Vision heat pump air conditioners deliver all of the advantages of no outdoor condenser air conditioning discussed above, along with a stylish contemporary design and advanced control functionality accessed through a touchscreen display or remote controller. Advanced design and superior performance were key reasons why manufacturers are choosing Vision units for many of the garden offices and other garden buildings they supply.

In order to provide a solution that is encountered with high internal ambients, the Powrmatic Vision range has been designed to provide a preset temperature from a fully packaged wall-mounted unit, that requires no outside box, known as the condenser,) due to the aerodynamic design of the concept employed in the design.

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