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Boost for HVAC industry as VAT cut to zero % on heat pump installations

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19 April 2022

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As part of the UK government’s drive, to push sustainable energy-efficient appliances into the domestic sector, in the spring statement, last month,  the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced he was removing VAT on all air to air heat pump appliance installations.

This is great news for the Powrmatic Vision Range of air-to-air heat pump/air conditioners, as all the units installed at domestic dwellings will be sold net of VAT.


Paul Greenough, Powrmatic Air Conditioning Product Manager commented.

This measure could remove as much as £600 or more, per Powrmatic Vision units for the domestic end user, making installations more affordable and advantageous, given the low energy consumption of the heat pump, which the government is promoting heavily at present


This boost to the heat pump market is available from 1st April this year. Read more about the cut here:

Contact our Air Conditioning Product Manager Paul Greenough on 07971 079726 for more information or email

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