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Powrmatic oil burner alterations when converting from 35s (Red Diesel) Gas Oil

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18 November 2022

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Driven by the UK government to restrict the use of rebated fuels as part of its target to achieve net zero by 2050, Red Diesel (also known as 35 second oil), although still available will be greatly restricted in its usage. 

Powrmatic oil fired heaters are only designed for operation with either certified Gas Oil to BS2869 Class A2 or D, (referred to as 35 sec Oil’ or ‘Red Diesel’), DERV (also referred to as ‘White Diesel’ or ‘ULSD’), HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) and Kerosene to BS2869 Class C2, (also referred to as ‘28 sec Oil’). Riello Burners Ltd, the manufacturer of the oil-fired burners used on our appliances, have tested and approved the use with only these specific type of fuels. 

Note: Details on the use of alternative blended industrial heating oil is covered under technical Bulletin TB182 or available by clicking here

When changing to DERV (White Diesel, ULSD), no alteration is required to the Riello Burner. 

When changing to HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), no alteration is required to the Riello Burner. 

When changing to Kerosene (BS2869 Class C2, also referred to as ‘28 sec Oil’) YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO CHANGE THE OIL NOZZLE AND ALTERATION TO THE OIL PRESSURE SETTING. Failure to comply to this will eventually cause a severe malfunction to the heat exchanger and a longevity of the heater. 

Information on available conversion kits and revised burner settings can be obtained by contacting us on (note: model and serial number required).

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