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Powrmatic's 2023 Service Engineers Course Training Days Provide Hands-On Learning and Valuable Insights

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28 November 2023

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Over the course of two weeks, Powrmatic hosted its highly anticipated 2023 Service Engineers Course, attracting a record-breaking attendance of over 80 engineers. Renowned Powrmatic expert, David Guest, spearheaded the training sessions, delivering comprehensive knowledge and practical expertise to participants.

The training days kicked off with an insightful factory tour, providing engineers with an up-close look at Powrmatic’s advanced manufacturing capabilities. Participants were able to witness the meticulous process behind the creation of Powrmatic’s cutting-edge heating solutions.

The training program also featured a hands-on session in the state-of-the-art Research and Development (R&D) lab. Engineers had the opportunity to engage directly with Powrmatic’s innovative technologies, gaining firsthand experience in troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.

One of the highlights of the course was the introduction to Powrmatic’s recent acquisition from the Carver Group. The session shed light on the company’s background and its notable contributions to the industry. This knowledge empowered engineers to understand the broader scope of Powrmatic’s product offerings.

Under the guidance of experts, the engineers had an exclusive chance to experience the power of the new BurnerTech Inverter Jet Burner. This interactive session showcased the burner’s exceptional performance and efficiency, leaving participants impressed by its capabilities.

With energy efficiency being a critical concern, an ErP update was a crucial aspect of the training. Engineers learned about the latest ErP standards and regulations and how they impact Powrmatic’s range of products. This knowledge armed the engineers with the ability to provide informed guidance to customers while optimizing energy usage.

The course provided comprehensive insights into Powrmatic’s popular products, including the LX warm air suspended unit, VX room-sealed cabinet, HEMx duct module, and the highly anticipated CX Gas Fired Cabinet Heater newly introduced for 2023. Engineers were equipped with an in-depth understanding of these products, enabling them to effectively address customer needs and streamline installations.

To enhance their expertise, engineers were educated on BAR/GFAC Air Curtains, a key element in maintaining energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The training program also covered SRP radiant products, such as the Herringbone and Continuous models, showcasing their unique features and applications.

Throughout the training, engineers received detailed instructions on the breakdown, firing, and operating sequences of each Powrmatic product. They gained a comprehensive understanding of the functions and actual settings of MC200 controllers, allowing them to optimize system performance and ensure customer satisfaction.

Commissioning and servicing training on all Powrmatic heating products provided engineers with the necessary skills to conduct thorough maintenance and servicing routines. The course also covered product wiring, flue installation, and product controls, providing engineers with a holistic understanding of Powrmatic systems.

In addition to the invaluable knowledge gained, participants were provided with exclusive access to Powrmatic’s Trade Club, offering time saving and additional resources for their onsite commissioning and installation.

To commemorate their successful completion of the training, all engineers received a complimentary Powrmatic Equipment Installer t-shirt, proudly symbolizing their expertise in the field.

Powrmatic’s 2023 Service Engineers Course Training Days were a resounding success, exemplifying Powrmatic’s commitment to providing top-notch training and support to their valued engineers. The program empowered participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to deliver exceptional service and ensure the longevity and efficiency of Powrmatic heating systems.

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