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Nor-Ray-Vac Replacement Systems – Embracing Ultra-Efficient Radiant Tube Heating with SRP-PCV/PCV+

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Nick Winton

26 January 2024

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For decades, Nor-Ray-Vac was the go-to product brand for continuous gas-fired radiant tube heating. When the product was discontinued by Nortek/ Reznor in 2022, Powrmatic introduced the SRP (Superior Radiant Products) continuous radiant tube system to the UK market to provide ongoing customer support and a suitable replacement. So if you’re looking for a Nor-Ray-Vac replacement, then we have you covered.

The Advantages of a continuous radiant system

One of the unique selling points and advantages of a typical continuous radiant heating system was that it was a gas-fired system with integrated burners based on the stoichiometric combustion principle. This allowed multiple burners to operate along a continuous radiant branch, resulting in even heat distribution throughout the heated area.

Nor-Ray-Vac Replacement – The Need for an Alternative

With the discontinuation of the Nor-Ray-Vac product, it would have left a void in the market, as until recently there was no other ‘like for like’ radiant system that could compete with it on equal terms. That situation changed when Powrmatic introduced the SRP (Superior Radiant Products) ‘continuous’ radiant tube system.

SRP-PCV ‘Continuous’ Radiant Tube System

The SRP-PCV ‘continuous’ radiant tube system is dramatically more efficient than its predecessor, with a Seasonal Space Heating Energy Efficiency (SSHEE) rating of >90%. Such a high-efficiency rating has resulted in the inclusion of the PCV and PCV+ ‘continuous’ products on the Carbon Trust-Energy Technology List. It’s the perfect Nor-Ray-Vac Replacement system for today’s market.


Powrmatic’s Radiant Specialists

Powrmatic is renowned for its advanced range of warm air heating products and now has a dedicated team of radiant specialists with years of experience. This team is readily available to provide solutions for the replacement of Nor-Ray-Vac systems.

Powrmatic’s Radiant Systems in action

A great example of the final system can be seen on our Sports Hall Radiant Heating case study where a replacement system was installed with a new Powrmatic SRP – PCV continuous radiant tube system. Another installation was completed at a Community Centre in Harrow and an most unusual installation at a Rhino House at Whipsnade Zoo.

Nor-Ray-Vac Replacement
Nor-Ray-Vac Replacement
Nor-Ray-Vac Replacement

Life-Expired Nor-Ray-Vac Systems

There are numerous Nor-Ray-Vac installations across various industries, including sports halls, museums, factories, distribution depots, warehouses, vehicle workshops, train depots, and aircraft hangars. Over time, these installations may have reached their life expectancy and require replacement.

Embracing Ultra-Efficient Radiant Tube Heating with SRP-PCV/PCV+

When faced with the decision to replace a life-expired Nor-Ray-Vac system, opting for the new SRP-PCV/PCV+ continuous system is not only achievable but also the obvious solution. This ultra-efficient system ensures optimal heating while reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.


Replacing old Nor-Ray-Vac systems with the new and superior SRP-PCV/PCV+ continuous radiant tube system is a smart decision that benefits both businesses and the environment. Contact Powrmatic today to discover how the superior SRP-PCV/PCV+ continuous radiant tube system can meet your heating needs while minimising energy costs and environmental impact.

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