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Garden Beauty Room Air Conditioning- The A/C Packaged Solution!

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16 June 2023

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If you have a garden beauty room, you know how important it is to keep it comfortable for both you and your clients. One of the best ways to achieve this is through the use of a packaged heat pump air conditioner. Here’s why:

Firstly, packaged heat pump air conditioners, which are the main subject of the governments future energy policy, do not require an external condenser, often in the form of a large rectangular steel box, mounted on a wall or floor, can be an eyesore and take up valuable space in your garden. (Often causing neighbour disputes as to positioning near communal borders) This makes them perfect for garden buildings that have limited space. The entire system is contained within the unit internal itself, making it a sleek and compact solution for your garden beauty room.

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Not only are these units visually appealing, not much larger than a double panel radiator, but they also provide instant cooling as well as having the low-cost heating capabilities. This means you can enjoy a comfortable pre-set temperature in your garden beauty room all year round, without having to wait for the system to warm up or cool down.

Another advantage of pre-charged a packaged heat pump air conditioners is that they do not require an F-GAS certified contractor to install them. This can save you lots of money on installation costs, as you can easily install the system yourself or hire a non-certified contractor to do it for you. In fact, installation is quick and easy, with the Vision A/C system installed in under 3 to 4 hours. The unit even comes with a wall template for easy installation and includes all the accessories needed for the inside and outside install.

The slim, white design of these units also means that they only have a depth of 16cm, giving you more space inside. They are readily available from online suppliers and are on average 40% cheaper overall than traditional split air conditioning systems, making them an affordable and a super energy-efficient solution for your garden beauty room.

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But the benefits of a packaged heat pump air conditioner don’t stop there. They also keep your clients cool and comfortable during treatments, which is essential for their satisfaction. Simply drill two 162mm diameter core holes in the garden beauty room and secure using the internal bracket. The unit can also be WIFI controlled, so you can turn it on and off before clients arrive to get the room to the perfect temperature, as well as having remote and on-board control also.

In addition, the heating functionality allows for keeping customers warm during winter month’s treatments, which any recirculating fans do not.

*No more cancelling clients due to excessive heat, and doors do not have to be kept open during treatment, a must for keeping out the bug squad! *

A single 3.1kW unit generally cools and heats a garden building of around 20m2 (depending on any solar gain via windows). So, if you want to keep your garden beauty room cool in the summer and warm in the winter, consider a packaged heat pump air conditioner. It’s the perfect solution for any garden building, and it’s available now, when you most need it.

A range of A/C packaged garden beauty room air conditioning products can be purchased online via any of our retailers:

Cool Sleep / KD Supplies / Orion Air / CoolEasy / Abercorn Heating / Aircon Centre / National Heater Shops

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