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Powrmatic Continuous Radiant Systems achieves Carbon Trust Energy Technology Listing (ETL)

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29 September 2022

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Powrmatic are proud to announce the PCV & PCV+ Continuous Radiant Tube Heating Systems are now on the Carbon Trust Energy Technology List (ETL), a government list of high performing energy-saving products.

The POWRMATIC continuous radiant tube heating systems PCV & PCV+ have been reviewed against government-approved high performing energy efficiency criteria resulting in both products being listed on the Carbon Trust Energy Technology List (ETL). For gas-fired continuous radiant tube heaters to meet the required high energy efficiency performance they are required to have a Seasonal Space Heating Energy Efficiency (SSHEE) greater than or equal to 90%.

The acknowledged high efficiency of both the PCV & PCV+ continuous radiant tube heating systems result in considerable savings for the end-user over a product that just meets the EcoDesign (ErP) SSHEE of greater than or equal to 74%, enabling the product to be sold in the market place.

View Powrmatic PCV/PCV+ on the ETL website here

When replacing equipment, businesses are often tempted to opt for that with the lowest capital cost; however, such immediate cost savings can prove to be a false economy. Considering the life cycle cost and reviewing the product efficiency before investing can dramatically reduce the long term costs through lower energy bills, improve cash flow, quicker payback of the purchase cost through reduced operational costs, saving energy and carbon emissions.

The PCV/PCV+ range design and enhanced energy efficiency is one of a variety of measures that organisations can take to improve their environmental credentials and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Benefits of an ETL listed continuous radiant tube product

Not all Continuous gas-fired radiant tube systems are the same! Some are more efficient than others, and that salient fact should not be overlooked when specifying such a system.

Take a look at the infographic below and see the financial/energy/emission savings of efficient ETL listed systems compared to a lesser system, for a facility with a thermal requirement of 950kW.

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