TBS580 Evaporative Cooler

Powrmatic have brought the TBS 580 evaporative cooler to the HVAC market. This evaporative cooler delivers cool, 100% fresh air, at much lower costs than refrigerated cooling methods. Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the only viable option for cooling large areas. A TBS system can typically use less energy than refrigerated cooling systems. Doors and windows can be left open, with absolutely no loss of cooling efficiency. Constant natural flow of 100% fresh air is drawn into the building and then expelled, odours, germs and airborne contaminants are removed and not recirculated around the building.

  • Electric240V
  • PhaseSingle
  • Benefits

    Fresh Air.

    • Provides 100% Fresh Air (not recirculated Air)
    • Simple to maintain and operate
    • Low environmental impact
    • Low running costs
    • Low carbon emissions
    • Regular air changes within a building
  • Features

    Direct Evaporative Cooling Technology

    Compared to other climate control systems available, evaporative air cooling provides the most energy efficient temperature relief for commercial or industrial environments of any scale. Up to 80% more economical than conventional air conditioning systems, our evaporative cooling systems have delivered proved cost reductions and operational returns throughout many industries. Unlike air conditioning that use re-circulated air, evaporation systems circulate fresh air through a building and force out the stale hot air.

  • Features

    Roof Installation

    Roof installations are the most common for Evaporative Cooling systems. The installation is simple and efficient onto a soaker sheet or ductwork. This allows ductwork requirements to be kept to a minimum by allowing for positioning close to or directly above the area requiring cooling, increasing efficiency, and keeping the distance from the cooler to the diffuser head to a minimum. This saves on the cost of installation as the Steel support frame is not always required for Roof applications.

  • Features

    High Performance

    The TBS-580 delivers high-performance evaporative cooling at an unbelievable value. Its standards in design and manufacture are second to none, ensuring reliable and long-lasting operation.

  • Features

    Wall Installation

    Often wall mounted units are installed when space is limited or if an existing ventilation system is on the roof. A simple steel support structure is required and can take advantage of existing apertures to avoid additional penetrations.

  • Features

    Powrmatic Complete System

    The Powrmatic Portfolio enables complete system design for Comfort Cooling and/or Extraction. Utilising Evap Cooling with PowrVent Extract, in conjunction with a host of Accessories, the complete Ventilation system can be found. This can all be managed and controlled via a single Touchscreen Control Panel. Match cooling rates with extract rates to create a system perfect for your specific application. Choose from Powered Input or Extract, Fixed or Powered Louvres and Evaporative Cooling to build the required system design for your application.

  • Features

    Optional Accessories

    The TBS-580 has a complete range of accessories and spares available including an intuitive touch screen control panel, external air sensor for air temperature monitoring, BMS and extract fan interface modules, and a link module that allows for the utilisation of multiple units and accessories. Commissioning leads are available to reduce site time and cost all backed by an extensive range of spares for ongoing maintenance.


All of Powrmatic’s documents are available as PDFs. Simply click on the links below to download them.

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