Distribution Centre Smoke Ventilation

Distribution Centre Smoke Ventilation

Powrmatic supplied 14 British-built Roof Opensky Smoke Ventilators for a recent project at a high-bay distribution center for a large UK-based snack producer. Smoke Vent Systems designed and installed the smoke control system.

  • Product Installed14 x N-SHEV Roof Opensky
  • Installed BySmoke Vent Systems
  • “We recently worked with Powrmatic on a project for a high-bay distribution center, where they supplied 14 Roof Opensky Smoke Ventilators. From initial contact to project completion, the installation process was a great success and partnership. Powrmatic's Roof Opensky Smoke Ventilators met industry requirements and delivered high-performance results, of which the end-client was extremely happy with. We look forward to working together with Powrmatic on future projects”

    Robert Lumley - Smoke Vent Systems

Project Background

Smoke Vent Systems is a certified company that supplies, installs, and maintains various types of smoke control systems. For the distribution center project, they worked hand-in-hand with Powrmatic to provide natural and mechanical smoke and heat ventilation systems.

To ensure the project met client distribution centre smoke ventilation specifications, Smoke Vent Systems installed fourteen 2m x 3.5m Roof Opensky N-SHEV ventilators with fall-arrest bars which were manufactured by Powrmatic in the UK. The new ventilators needed to match the existing clear-bladed units, comply with EN12101-2 requirements, and provided the required free area performance meeting EN12101.2 regulations.

Project Solution

In order to install the new ventilators, a Spierings SK1265-AT6 crane with a 60-meter jib radius capable of lifting to 35 meters was required. With all loading bays and space accounted for at the busy distribution center, storage of vents, ground movement management, and careful planning was essential for the distribution centre smoke ventilation system.

Smoke Vent Systems worked with their regular roofing installation partner to carefully execute the entire installation while ensuring Swisslog equipment and internal cranes were kept clear and considered at all times. An independent health and safety specialist provided by the client also observed the roof works throughout the project and was extremely complimentary of SVS Ltd’s installation.

Project Result

The installation of the fourteen new Louvre ventilators was completed on time and within the allocated budget. Powrmatic’s British built AOV Roof Opensky ventilator provided a perfect product for comfort ventilation or as part of a SHEV (smoke and heat exhaust ventilation) system. The product is CE-approved and certified to BSEN12101-2, meeting several rigorous tests required for any life safety smoke ventilation system which can be manufactured to suit any project requirements

Finally, old ventilators were removed from the site for recycling by a local specialist. Thanks to Smoke Vent Systems and Powrmatic’s collaboration, the high-bay distribution center now has the necessary ventilation systems in place for improved smoke control and safety in the building.

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