Bournemouth Council Sheltered Housing

Sheltered housing smoke ventilation

A sheltered housing accommodation owned by Bournemouth Borough Council were in need of a new smoke ventilation system

  • Building SizeSix stories
  • Product InstalledKrystalite Ventilators
  • Installed ByDorset Electrical and Fire Alarms (DEFA)
  • “The first phase of the project involved one building, and having used the Krystalite louvres for this we were satisfied that they met all of our criteria and were ideal for the remaining five blocks. The products are high quality and Powrmatic was very supportive throughout the project”

    Mark Damen - Dorset Electrical and Fire Alarms (DEFA)

Project Background

Six blocks of sheltered housing accommodation owned by Bournemouth Borough Council were in need of a smoke ventilation system. The project was carried out to replace older ventilators that were proving unreliable and did not meet current requirements for energy performance.

Project Solution

Powrmatic Krystalite louvres were selected from a shortlist following a tender exercise by Bournemouth Borough Council, and installed by Dorset Electrical and Fire Alarms (DEFA). They are located at the ends of corridors and stairwells, providing natural daylight and ventilation to common areas, with automatic smoke and heat ventilation in the event of a fire.

Each ventilator is equipped with a manual switch for residents, as well as rain and wind sensors to automatically close the louvres in bad weather. In addition, the warden has a manual override function to close the louvres at night, safeguarded by an anti-finger trap facility.


Project Result

Krystalite ventilators feature high levels of thermal insulation, combined with a polyamide thermal break to minimise energy losses. Consequently, Bournemouth Borough Council will benefit from improved energy efficiency while ensuring the safety and comfort of its residents.

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