GCAO Water Cooled Internal Condenser

Water Cooled Internal Condenser… The Airwell GCAO range utilises an internal water-cooled condenser, for installations where the local government, landlord covenants or local planning laws, do not allow the use of traditional external air-cooled condenser. There are 4 models in the range, with capacities of 2.7 kW, 3.65 kW, 5.85 kW, and 6.37 kW, all available in cooling only. The condenser units can be situated in any suitable indoor space, due to the low noise level. They can be connected to either a high wall-mounted indoor unit, a cassette unit, or a concealed ducted unit, via traditional DX pipework, allowing horizontal pipe runs up to 25 metres, and a height of 15 metres, (combined horizontal and vertical run, total 25 metres maximum) from internal condenser to the chosen evaporator. The Airwell GCAOs require a simple connection to a 15 mm cold water supply and wastewater drain and single-phase power supply.

  • MountingHigh Wall
  • SupplyElectric
  • FluidR410A
  • Benefits


    • Purified air
    • Can be connected to public water network
    • Connection to recycled or lost water systems
    • Super quiet
    • Ideal solutions for buildings subject to local aesthetic restrictions
  • Features

    Airwell distributed by Powrmatic

    Powrmatic is excited to announce our latest partnership with one of the world’s leading brands in air conditioning – Airwell.

  • Features


    The GCAO Water Cooled Internal Condenser is compatible with HHF high wall, CAF cassette and DAF ducted units.

  • Features

    Flexible Controls At Your Fingertips

    The unit can be controlled by either the RC08A or the RCWE depending on your unit. The remote control allows the user to set night mode, also including a “lock” position to avoid un-proper use and weekly scheduling.


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