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Highfield Hotel, located in Durham, is committed to reducing its environmental impact and has been implementing various green initiatives throughout the year. As part of their sustainability efforts, the hotel aimed to provide a new decarbonized heat source for its public bar area. The objective was to have a heat source that could be controlled by WIFI and programmed to operate at preset temperatures and times. That solution was the new Powrmatic AIRCO290.

  • “Its is truly rewarding to see our AIRCO290 unit selected as the decarbonised heat source for Highfield Hotel's public bar area. This project demonstrates our commitment to providing environmentally friendly solutions that meet our clients' requirements while offering great value for money. We are proud to be part of Highfield Hotel's green initiatives and look forward to further collaborations in their future refurbishments.”

    Paul Greenough - Powrmatic Air Conditioning Product Manager

Project Background

After conducting extensive research and evaluating different options, Highfield Hotel identified the AIRCO290 Airconditioning Heat Pump Unit from Powrmatic as the ideal solution for their requirements. The hotel considered factors such as a high COP (Coefficient of Performance), low carbon footprint, and compatibility with their budget. The AIRCO290, utilizing the new R290 refrigerant with a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) of only .003 kg, not only met the hotel’s environmental goals but also provided excellent value for money.

Project Solution

To acquire the AIRCO290 unit, Highfield Hotel purchased it through an accredited Powrmatic distributor. The unit’s availability was notable, as it was delivered to the site within just three days of placing the purchase order. The packaged nature of the unit eliminated the need for an FGAS installer, as all the refrigerant was pre-charged and contained within the unit. This allowed the hotel to collaborate with a local building contractor who installed the unit directly onto the chosen exterior wall of the bar, addressing their previous heat loss issues effectively.


Project Result

With the successful implementation of the AIRCO290 unit in the public bar area, Highfield Hotel achieved its objective of a decarbonized heat source that could be controlled via WIFI and programmed for preset temperatures and times. The hotel significantly reduced its carbon footprint by utilizing the low GWP R290 refrigerant, contributing to its commitment to environmental sustainability. The positive outcome of this project has led to the decision to proceed with phase 2, where the AIRCO290 will be installed in the adjoining Siam Restaurant. Furthermore, consideration is being given to utilising this heat and cool source for all 31 bedrooms during future refurbishment plans.

For more details Contact Powrmatic AC product manager, Paul Greenough at

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