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Powrmatic Appoint Radiant Heating Design Specialist Andrew Thompson

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13 July 2021

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Powrmatic is pleased to announce Andrew Thompson radiant heating design specialist joins the business. Andrew will further strengthen the company’s radiant product portfolio of knowledge and experience and their service offering to existing customers, contractors and specifiers.

Andrew joins the expert radiant team alongside Steve Latimer and Nick Winton, together combining over 126 years of industry expertise with radiant heating system design, product selection and application. Powrmatic now has an expanding portfolio of gas-fired radiant heaters, herringbone systems and continuous radiant systems in partnership with SRP which can suit any project.

Andrew’s has spent the last 36 years designing and costing up schemes for radiant systems alongside warm air, cabinets, AHU’s, heat exchangers and air rotation.

Stuart Parris, Powrmatic Managing director, commented:

“It’s great to have Andrew converted to Powrmatic and the team. We have an excellent portfolio of radiant heating systems now, and our aim is to continue our excellent inroads into the specification market. Andrew and the team will be on hand to supply our customers technical layout drawings, which will enhance our quotation package and cement Powrmatic as a leader within radiant systems design and supply for the future”

Andrew and the team can provide customers, consultants and specifiers with expert radiant heating design assistance throughout the entire project process from system design to product selection, ensuring each system is suitable for the application, whilst also preparing layout drawings and quotations for the complete system including all ancillary items, controls and flues working hand in hand with each customer giving them full confidence and support on their project.

“The ever-expanding product offering from Powrmatic is exciting and a refreshing change. Powrmatic are always looking forward, and it’s a great time to be joining the team amongst a serious wealth of radiant knowledge with Steve and Nick, and I am looking forward to help grow the radiant sales,” said Andrew Thompson.

Welcome to the Powrmatic team Andrew!

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