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Installer Spotlight - Jigsaw FM Ltd

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Sarah Fisher

26 July 2021

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We proudly value and support our network of loyal installers who are at the forefront of everything we do. We spoke with our valued engineers at Jigsaw FM Ltd to tell us a bit more about their business and to share their experience of working with Powrmatic.

Tell us a little about you, what you guys do, and how it all began?

Jigsaw FM is one of the North West’s leading energy efficient heating and cooling, providing heaters, boilers, ventilation, and air-conditioning for the commercial and industrial sector. To learn more about the services we can provide in Chester, and surrounding areas of the North West, or to discuss the requirements for your commercial heating and cooling needs, please don’t hesitate to contact the Jigsaw FM team (#TeamJigsaw) today!

We offer a unique combination of service expertise, from the design, installation, and maintenance of local and renewable energy solutions, to finding the correct systems for our clients, whilst also making better use of energy and reducing environmental impacts. If you want to update your premises with efficient and reliable heating or air-conditioning, our expert team can help.

How long have you been working with Powrmatic?

Since 2010

Why do you like working with Powrmatic?

Powrmatic air heaters are by far the best product on the market. Quietest in operation and reliable. On the occasion they need spares, the process is swift and efficient. The recent update in colour has brought the Powrmatic heater up to speed visually whist continuing to being practical and efficient.

What does a typical day look like for a heating engineer?

A gas safe engineers day varies sometimes by the minute. In the commercial sector we can go from installing a heating system in a new build unit to repairing a heating system in a castle. We try to balance the day by prioritising breakdowns in order of importance. For example, some of our customers have Powrmatic heaters to provide heat for a process – if they break down, it stops production so we respond as quick as we can to get their business back up and running. A comfort heating breakdown can be just as vital depending on the time of year – So again we react accordingly.

Whats the most useful bit of kit in your toolbox?

Geberit gun. Pressfit fittings on copper pipe work save time on installs, are reliable and look clean and professional. It takes out any human error that can be found in soldering or mechanical fittings.
The fittings can be used for both water and gas.

Whats your favourite Powrmatic product to install and why?

The LNVX heater range is our personal favourite. They come in a great range of sizes, look smart and do their job efficiently and quietly.

What does the future hold for you, and the HVAC industry as a whole?

Jigsaw FM LTD will continue to focus on gas fired heating for commercial premises working alongside Powrmatic.

In addition to this our business we are also installing many hot water generation solutions for customers around the north west.

If you are a registered Powrmatic Equipment Installer on our website and want to be featured, contact your Powrmatic Area Sales Manager to find out more.

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