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  • Wall Opensky Ventilator

    Smoke & Natural Ventilator

    The Powrmatic Wall Opensky is a cost effective and energy efficient natural and smoke ventilator for use Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilation.

    Wall Opensky Ventilator - Smoke & Natural Ventilator
  • Wall Opensky Ventilator

    Optional Colour

    With the wall Opensky installed at low level, you may want to choose a specific colour to match your building. The wall Opensky can be painted in any RAL colour to match the exsiting building colour scheme at our onsite PPC Powder Coating Paint line in Somerset.

    Wall Opensky Ventilator - Optional Colour
  • Wall Opensky Ventilator

    Customisable Ventilator

    The Wall Opensky can be manufactured with either single single aluminium blades, insulated blades and shown here polycarbonate blades which allows daylight into the building

    Wall Opensky Ventilator - Customisable Ventilator

The wall Opensky is an attractive, economical low profile louvred ventilator which has been specifically designed for both smoke and heat exhaust and natural ventilation applications (SHEV). The system offers effective fire safety with units tested for use as smoke ventilators to BS EN 12101-2

Features Include:

  • High efficiency - aerodynamically tested to BS EN 12101-2:2003
  • Weatherproof - its resistance to air leakage and rainwater is tested to BS 5368 and BS 6375
  • Reliability - life cycle tested to class RE1000 under BS EN 12101-2: 2003
  • Durability - tested to withstand wind loads of class WL1500 and snow loads of up to class SL500 under BS EN 12101-2:2003
  • Controls - a wide range of control options are available
  • Installation - can be fitted into any roof or glazed construction

The Wall Opensky is suitable for installation into any wall or glazed construction. It can be fixed directly into the wall fabric or supplied with either of the following optional extras. Closure flashings can also be provided allowing for a neat finish to wall openings.

Glazing Adapters - To seamlessly fit into glazing systems.  
Rear Fixing Flange - For mounting external onto the wall.
Front Fixing Flange - For mounting the vent flush with  the wall.

The wall Opensky can be supplied with both insulated louvre blades and an insulated body to assist in ensuring the building is adequately insulated. Also the Opensky can be manufactured with polycarbonate blades. Translucent polycarbonate louvre blades provide excellent daylighting using a durable UV stabilised material. When closed it can provide an average diffused light transmission in excess of 80%, enabling savings on artificial lighting. Pile weather seals are also fitted to the louvre blade edges and sides to minimise heat loss.

The roof Opensky has been tested to BS EN 12101 – Part 2: 2003:  Specification for natural and heat exhaust ventilators. When closed the ventilator is weatherproof and is tested to BS 5368 Parts 1 & 2.


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