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Retail Building Cooling

Large retail premises are often hot environments even in the cooler months of the year, and high temperatures can reduce staff efficiency and motivation, as well as encouraging customers to leave the premises as soon as possible. The traditional solution is to air condition the building, but the capital and energy costs associated with that can be huge. Not so with a Coolair evaporative cooling system, which will cost less to install in most cases, and which will reduce energy costs by 80% or more.  In the mid-season months, when the outdoor air is relatively cool but it’s hot inside, Coolair will act as a ventilation system and will provide free cooling by bringing in 100% fresh air. Compare this with air conditioning, which continues to circulate and cool internal air without taking any advantage of the outdoor temperatures, and the savings can be huge.  In summer, Coolair will still bring in 100% fresh air to create an invigorating atmosphere for staff and customers, but will also cool that air naturally, at a small percentage of the cost associated with air conditioning.

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