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Jigsaw FM Ltd


Jigsaw FM is a leading provider of energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for the industrial and commercial sector throughout the North West.

The facilities management service offers a unique combination of service expertise, ranging from the design, installation and maintenance of local and renewable energy solutions, to finding the appropriate systems for the clients, enabling them to use energy more efficiently and reduce their environmental impacts.

At the heart of Jigsaw FM’s success is a commitment to delivering harmonised solutions that support their customer’s activities, drive cost from their business and add value to their operations. All this is combined with the genuine ethos of partnering to achieve mutual benefits for all parties and as a result they have formed long-term relationships with many of their customers.

Jigsaw FM is different to other service providers throughout the North West as their priority is to ensure they understand each individual customers’ requirements to enable them to build and deliver the right solution for single or multi-site portfolios.

While Jigsaw FM is not the biggest service provider, they are definitely one of the best. Each team member is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction, ensuring that they are ‘working for you, working for the environment’, as well as being both polite and punctual.

By means of a dedicated ongoing training program, Jigsaw FM will continue to introduce the latest technology, radically reducing the carbon footprint of their customers whilst continuing their commitment to developing and training all team members on up to date legislation.

Each team member is an integral part of Jigsaw FM’s future. They take the health and safety of their employees and other who may be affected by their operations very seriously.


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