The Benefits Of DC Inverter Technology

DC Inverter Technology

The most efficient heat pump air-conditioners are those that make use of DC inverter technology to control the operation of the compressor. They may cost a little more than a non-inverter model but the energy savings achieved more than compensate for this – plus there are many other benefits to using DC inverter technology.


In the context of air conditioning, an inverter regulates voltage, current and frequency to control the operation of the air conditioning compressor, thereby also controlling the output of the unit. Essentially, it is a very sophisticated form of speed control – the higher the frequency the more the compressor works and the greater the output of the air conditioning. Similarly, the lower the speed of the compressor the lower the output of the conditioner.

It is the exceptional control provided by DC inverters that enables these air-conditioners to be highly responsive to changes of temperature in the space whilst delivering excellent energy efficiency.

The Benefits Of DC Inverter Technology

  • Faster response to variable heating and cooling loads.
  • Significantly reduced running costs (up to 50% saving) compared to non-inverter systems.
  • Improved comfort as set-point temperatures are achieved more quickly.
  • Improved maintenance of design conditions with less temperature fluctuation.
  • Lower noise levels, both inside and outside the building.
  • Eliminates voltage peaks from compressor.
  • Reduced risk of electromagnetic interference with other equipment.

All of Powrmatic’s Midea products ultilise the the latest DC Inverter Technology from GMCC Toshiba/Midea – A Joint Venture Company.  Watch this short video and see how Midea incorporate the GMCC technology into all of the their air conditioning units